Boost and Elevate the Immune System with Home Remedies for Common Cold

It is said that once a person experience cold, the next thing to think about is to wcommon-cold1arm up with a hug from someone special. Hugging someone indeed helps to recover from coldness. However, in the medical aspect, viewing cold is not just a physical manifestation; it means a lot of conditions on why the cold has developed and the underlying common cold symptoms. Hecommon cold virusadaches, runny nose, itchy throat, are some signs and symptoms of flu that are associated with common cold. Other underlying symptoms include strep throat infection and influenza virus.

Though some people tend to neglect common cold, medical experts are highly suggesting addressing the symptoms as early as possible before it worsens. The following are some natural home remedies to address common cold:

Soothe itchy throat with something sweet such as honey  honey  
When it comes to itchy throat, one food variant that should be veered away from is sweets. However, in this case, raw honey is a sweet thing that could do the opposite, which is to lessen the throat’s irritation. The best way to experience the benefits of honey is to mix two teaspoons of honey with a fresh squeeze of lemon. Take this mixture twice a day for every three hours until the irritation dissipates.

Detoxify naturally with garlic
Common cold symptoms would definitely clear up through the use of garlic. This spice has antiviral properties that aids in removing toxins from the body. It also clears the respiratory passages allowing smooth breathing. To get the benefits from garlic, one has to mix at least two teaspoogarlicns of lemon extract, one teaspoon of chili powder, a teaspoon of honey, and one clove of crushed garlic. Consume the mixture at least twice a day for best results. Garlic tea with honey would also be beneficial, as well as eating garlic raw.

Find comfort with ginger
The antiviral and antibacterial properties of ginger have been quite helpful in eradicating common cold symptoms. There are various ways to enjoy ginger by eating the spice raw, drinking tea out of ginger by adding lemon juice and honey, eating ginger paste with salt for twice a day, and special ginger drink with gur, butter and raw honey.

Restore strength with chicken soup
The traditional chicken soup is packed with essential vitamins and nutrients that fight common cold symptoms. Moreover, it also elevates the immune system and promotes hydration. Just make sure that the chicken soup is garnished with loads of natural ingredients and organic vegetables.

Do not underestimate the power of milkGlass-of-milk-2009
Milk is not designed for babies alone, but it is also good for adults and people with colds. Drinking milk helps improve the immune system and eliminates headaches and body aches. Moreover, it lessens mucus production more effectively when mixed with ginger powder and turmeric. Drink a glass of milk mixed with ginger or turmeric powder at least twice a day until the symptoms subsided. It is recommended to maintain drinking milk to strengthen the body’s mechanisms against certain infections.


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