Chronic Constipation and the Natural Remedies to Curb It Completely!

It is great to start the day right and end it right as well. The day has been so hectic, with all the paper works, client meetings, and office errands. But what if at the middle of an important client meeting,constipation a sudden “potty problem” has appeared? This condition is called constipation and allowing constipation to ruin one’s day is pretty wrong. What to take for constipation? The following are some natural remedies to curb constipation completely minus the chemicals of over-the-counter laxatives.
Naturally stimulate the digestive system with fresh lemon
The fresh lemon scent is indeed irresistible, what more if this is taken orally. Lemon extract’s citric acid properties effectively stimulate the digestive system to prevent intestinal blockage, paving the way towards smooth flushing of undigested toxins and materials. Drink a glass of water with lemon extract at least twice a day to experience relief.
Befriend that cup of latte!
Some people cannot live without a warm cup of latte to start the day right. However, some people have stopped indulging in coffee and decided to turn to other beverages. Good news fresh-lemon-802856is that coffee is an effective alternative to ward off constipation due to its diuretic properties. So, in cases where constipation is going to start all over again, it would not hurt to start a renewed friendship with that cup of latte! Just make sure to not overdo drinking.
Are bananas constipating?
The answer depends on the type of banana being eaten. If the banana is ripe, then it is likely that it could cure constipation, whereas green, unripe banana could cause constipation. The good news is that when it comes to treating constipation, bananas are good sources of insoluble fiber and potassium that softens stool. Just make sure to drink water after eating banana to avoid the fiber from intestinal blockage.
Indulge in fiber-enriched foods
Constipation occurs due to lack of fiber in the diet. It is now time to consider eating foods rich in fiber such as nuts, whole wheat bread, beans, broccoli, vegetables, apples, plums, and apricots among others.
Constipate no more with orange juice and flaxseed oil
Orange juice is loaded with fiber. This, when combined with flaxseed oil can effectively cure constipation since this combination coats the intestinal walls, preventing any intestinal blockage. It is best to drink pulpy orange juice with flaxseed oil every five hours or as soon as the constipation dissipates.
Put some love on the tummy with aloe veraaloe-vera-juice
Aloe vera’s benefits are not only skin deep, but it also caters to the inner body’s abnormal conditions such as constipation. The laxative properties of aloe vera make curing constipation possible. The recommended way to take aloe vera is through oral by eating two tablespoons of aloe vera gel or drinking a cup of the plant’s juice. If the idea of eating pure aloe vera is uncomfortable, it is also advisable to mix aloe vera gel with preferred fruit juice. Just drink the juice in the morning.

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