Home Remedy for Acid Reflux

Remedy for Acid Reflux



Are you experiencing hard breathing and burning sensation along the breastbone area and throat? If you answered yes, then, it is no doubt that you are one of a few sufferers of acid reflux. Acid reflux, or commonly known as peptic ulcer, is a condition due to excessive acid in the stomach. Slight pain is the common symptom for low-type acid reflux conditions, but if neglected, could result to severe conditions, or worst, heart disease and complications. The root causes of acid reflux can be traced back to the tightening of the lower esophageal sphincter and complications in painkillers and medications. But there are natural methods by which the pain caused by acid reflux can be lessened and prevented.

Juice up with Aloe Vera.

Just so you know that the plant aloe vera is not only useful in re-growing of hair. But it has proven its wonders in reducing acid reflux. Though the idea of drinking up an aloe vera juice tastes gross, you can drink this up minus the laxative or sticky component. There are aloe vera juice products with removed laxative content which you can purchase in health food stores near you. Simply followa regimen of drinking at least ½ cup of aloe vera juice before or after meals in order to feel the good results.

Indulge in eating bananas and apples.

These fruits are commonly available in our dinner tables. Eat and splurge on these delicious fruits for bananas and apples are known for their antacid properties known as a buffer to eradicate acidic reflux.

It’s just a tea away.

Another tried-and-tested home remedy that could buffer the effect of acidic reflux is to drink a soothing cup of tea. Teas made up of ginger or chamomile is known to exhibit antacid components softening the effect of acidic reflux. If you are into this deed of drinking tea, you can drink ginger tea in the morning 20 minutes before meals to relax and soothe the throat and stomach. Whereas in the evening, drinking chamomile tea will eventually contribute to a good-night sleep, more on silencing the pain of acidic reflux.

Snack away with almonds.

Seeds and nuts such as almonds are good sources of antacid. Munching on these precious nuts will guarantee you free from acidic reflux. It is recommended to eat almonds after every meal to help in the neutralization of the juices in your stomach.

Aim for a healthy lifestyle.

Nothing beats the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle not only helps in veering away with acidic reflux, it also develops one’s body into a fortress that could be ready to fight all sorts of diseases. The following are some ideas on keeping a healthy lifestyle and regimen:

Keep track of activities.

In these activities, identify the possible causes that could trigger acidic reflux. Is it because of stress due to work? Or do you have allergies on certain foods that trigger heartburn? By doing this, you are adept as to the things and activities you can avoid to lessen the occurrence of heartburn.

Wear comfortable clothing.

Say no to ill-fitting clothes. Though wearing tight-fitting apparel is the in thing in fashion, when it comes to your health and well-being, this is a big no. The reason is that too much pressure on the upper torso results to pressure on the lower esophageal sphincter, hence, the occurrence of heartburn.
If the natural methods don’t work quite well, then the next step is to go seek a medical expert. Pretty sure that acidic reflux would just be pains from yesterday.

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