Itchy Sore Scalp? No Way! Some Natural Remedies to Remove Itchy Scalp

Embarrassment comes in many forms: from the wearing of odd clothes to gettiitchy scalpng reprimanded in public to having itchy scalp. Indeed, frequent scratching of the scalp is an embarrassment for it brings tremendous discomfort in the form of dandruff flakes on clothes and even the dreaded hair loss. The culprit behind itchy scalp with bumps can be attributed to excessive stress and anxiety, viral and fungi infections, excessive sweating, or abnormalities in the sebaceous glands.
Do not fret since there are various ways and treatments on how to get rid of dandruff with home remedies that are simple, easy, and available within one’s home and community. The following are some of those:
Make use of fresh lemon juiceLemon-Fruit
Lemons have antibacterial properties responsible for removing the root cause of an itchy scalp. It also addresses the flaky and dry scalp as a result of severe itching. This treatment for nits can be simple and very easy to make. Prior to shampooing the hair, squeeze out some fresh lemons to get the juice and apply the juice on the scalp. Leave the juice on for ten minutes. Another way is to mix the lemon juice with yogurt, apply the mixture thoroughly on the scalp for ten minutes then follow with a mild shampoo. Take note to use the said treatment daily for maximum benefits.
Baking soda is not meant for baking only
bakingsoda Another invaluable ingredient that is always present in the kitchen is baking soda, and this is not meant for baking alone. It is also meant for curing itchy scalp. It has exfoliating properties that controls dandruff build-up and eradicate fungi. It is pretty easy to make a treatment out of baking soda. Just mix water and baking soda to make a paste, and apply the said product on the scalp. Make sure to leave the product on the scalp for at least ten minutes. In cases where the paste is becoming stickier and hard to wash off when applied on the scalp, it is highly recommended to apply a little olive oil on the scalp to avoid messiness. Do the procedure in replacement of shampoo for better results.
Nothing will ever go wrong with Aloe vera
aloe vera Itchy scalp screams for proper moisturizer, and those white, flaky things getting off from the scalp every time it is being scratched is a sure manifestation that the scalp badly needs intense moisturizer. No fret since the remarkable Aloe vera has all the answers. The gel from the herbal plant can be directly applied on the scalp. Ensure to apply few massage strokes on the scalp to allow the gel to get in. Allow the gel to stay on the scalp for at least ten minutes and then wash off with a mild shampoo afterwards.

One of the causes of an itchy scalp is bad lifestyle, which means, frequent exposure to stress, smoking, and too much alcohol. While under natural treatments, it is important to also start moving away from a bad lifestyle to ensure that the pestering itchy scalp won’t be back.

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